Our Billets / Bars

Aceralava has possibilities to make:

  • Round billets and bars from 165 mm diameter to 600 mm
  • Square billet and bars 120 mm diameter to 500 mm, and 500 mm width
  • Flat bars from 60mm to 300mm


Benefits of our Bars & Billets

  • Forged billets
    • Good internal soundness, good surface finish either in black, ground or peeled conditions.
    • Suitable sizes for all kind of downstream forged products.
    • Flat billets for hot rolled flat bars, easy to handle, more productive and cost saving.
  • Forged bars
    • Suitable to all sizes, for round peeled bars, any grade, spec., approval or surface finish condition.
    • Flat bar minimize material needed and machining time, improving productivity and cost saving.
    • Easier to handle than big sizes and thick plates, less scrap produced, lower costs.