Acería de Álava S.A (ACERALAVA) was created in 1975 as a subsidiary company of TUBACEX Group, manufacturing raw material for the rest of the companies of the Group. In 1976, Aceralava was created to make base material for other companies within the Tubacex group.

In 1978, Aceralava starts with stainless steel completing full production chain from melting shop to seamless pipes final product (melting, hot extrusion and cold changing).

The group headquarters are located in Llodio, Spain.

There are production facilities in Spain, Italy, USA, Austria, India and Thailand.

In addition to wide world commercial network there are stock and service centers in Spain, France, Austria, Houston, Brazil, India and Middle East.

What We Do

We supply stainless steel and high nickel alloys products in accordance with the most high quality standards and customer specifications.

Our product range includes ingots, billets and bars used for tube makers, open die forgers, re-rollers and machining shops worldwide.

Our capabilities cover melting, forging and-or rolling, heat treatment, finishing operations (straightening, peeling, etc).

Aceralava certifies its products, including mechanical tests in its own labs and required NDT by applicable standards or customer’s specifications.

Our main asset is the technical support we give our customers.

Focused on final customer solutions, we offer metallurgical advisory and product design [Forge-Simulation], in Stainless applications.

Who We Are

Acería de Álava, S.A.U. is the TUBACEX mill producing exclusively stainless steel, with 110,000 tons’ annual capacity.

We are a stainless steel melting shop and long products manufacturer.

Our main segments are Oil & Gas, Energy and Power generation, Chemical industries, Automotive, Food & Drink process, Nuclear and Capital Goods.


From the beginning, we were working on carbon steel and market address us to higher value products. This made us to come into the stainless steel world.

After many years of experience, we have been producing high quality stainless steel grades and nickel base alloys providing our customers the best service and technical support.



Special Maintenance repair action in SHELL, in which a special fast timing project was launched to ensure two weeks delivery of 120Tn 20” forged Round bars. A multi department team followed the project and reacted in case of deadline risk. Special production route was created and all testing samples were prioritized to ensure committed delivery date.


New Product Development for special application, In a deep collaboration with a special constructions customer, we detected an improvement opportunity in creating a new product. Looking to the forging needs and single pieces to be machined, a tailored forged and rolled flat-bar was industrialized.


Value Added Assessment was made with common work with customer to review “Aceralava to customer” Added value Chain and cost optimization. With one of our main customers we made a special team to go through all the value chain of the product. From the scrapyard to the customer machines every single operation-transport-storage was challenged. Several losses were eliminated and 3 new ideas were implemented providing the customer the needed cost reduction to maintain his Market leading position.